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Wow, it's Sophie! The revolutionary gamechanger!

Sophie's Selected Games Portfolio

Cover image for "WARNING: LOW OXYGEN" (Released 2023)
Screenshot for "Sunset Satellite" (Release Date TBA)
Poster for "DevaData" (Release Date TBA)
Screenshot for "Overhours" by CtrlD Studio (Release TBA)
Poster for "GigaBash" (Released 2022)
Poster for "Don't Stop the Party" (Released 2020)

Sophie's admiration for game development has been cultivated since her teens. This admiration turned into burning enthusiasm and motivation, where she graduated university as an award-winning game designer.

Currently, she participates in the industry as lecturer of game development, games journalist, and is active in select indie projects as a game designer and project manager, as well as an inductee in The Game Awards: Future Class 2022.

Sophie's Appearances

OutCrowd (prev. WiGout) "What a GameDev Looks Like" Panel Moderation
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